We grow when we think of new ideas. A long time ago, we believed that only four elements of water, fire, trees, and wind existed. The idea that there's something else that's going to be a fifth one, not just a fourth element, has led us to explore, and we've been working on other things one by one, and we've developed to this day, discovering something very small, one by one. If they hadn't wondered about the world in the past and accepted it as it was, nothing would have happened and we would have lived in a narrow world, but we wondered if not only water, fire, wood, wind, four elements, but something else would exist, so science developed exponentially. Trying to show something new, something invisible, created a new story. We're looking for our fifth element in each location. Within the canvas, which can be considered fragmentary not only in the field of science but also in the art, we're discovering a myriad of five elements. There is a person who makes a new story. They think so much that they expand our lives and break the framework of our thinking to make the world wider. We're trying to bring together art, or things outside the boundaries, to create a better, more spectacular world. The reason for our existence is not just survival. I want to make a beautiful world with more stories.



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